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My book of prose poetry, Phantom Laundry, is now available for purchase: OR directly from the publisher:

“One of the most important roles that poetry serves in any culture is the reinvigoration of language. This is partly why poetry is so vital and why human beings are still reading poems in 2017 when there are so many other forms of entertainment available to us. We need this reinvigoration, we thirst for it. Without it, we are left chewing on the same dull phrases we grew up with, as if they were sticks of gum that long ago lost their insightful zest. In his latest book, Phantom Laundry, Michael Tyrell bravely attempts to reinvent our vernacular in a diverse collection haunted by the absurdity of modern American life. Phantom Laundry is comprised of three sections, all of them written in prose. The first two sections are filled with prose poems and the final section is a work of fiction.”–Benjamin Schmitt, At the Inkwell


Earlier books: The Wanted (a collection of poems) Purchase here: OR directly from the publisher:

“In Michael Tyrell’s The Wanted, the images, techniques, and preoccupations of film noir permeate many of the poems. There are references to crime scenes, acts of real and imagined violence, missing children, lie detectors, forgeries, guns, exit wounds, and much more. In “The Supporting Character,” the poet writes, “The narration’s unreliable./…I’m a subplot about to unfold.” All of this for good reason since Tyrell’s subject is essentially the unfathomability of identity and selfhood-a mystery to be slowly puzzled at, unraveled, exposed. Ultimately, the poet’s evasions are the evasions and uncertainties we experience in our everyday lives, both with ourselves and with other people. The Wanted is a strange, disquieting book that serious readers will keep returning to as they plumb the many levels of these resonant, mysterious poems. –Elizabeth Spires

Broken Land: Poems of Brooklyn (anthology co-edited with Julia Spicher Kasdorf) Purchase here: OR directly from the publisher:

“In the excellent and surprising anthology Broken Land, poets and editors Julia Spicher Kasdorf and Michael Tyrell take a chronological and panoramic look at the New York borough of Brooklyn as portrayed in poems.” —Publishers Weekly



Poems published in anthologies:

Brooklyn Poets Anthology, Edited by Jason Koo and Joe Pan: 

The Best American Poetry 2015, Edited by Sherman Alexie and David Lehman:

The Traveler’s Vade Mecum, Edited by Helen Klein Ross:


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