My rollover minutes are running out, can you hear them now,

my nights and weekends revealed as not truly unlimited,

this passcode is not valid, underground

my handset searches in vain for service or self,

please try again then my unit dies,

my SIMpleton card gets lost,

it’s time for the plan to get upgraded,

more minutes, pictures, live aspect ratio autofellatio

on audio and video, delete the excess messages of text cuz

memory is 100% full, words fall apart,

you becomes the letter or the forbidden turn,

God forbid now I become an emoticoniclast,

let me call u from my land-line

while my lifeline still runs long, these voicemails

have come from faraway, they will be saved

21 days, the double fortnight a coach once took to deliver

an epistle, we can’t put to death bad-news instant messengers

so I learn to press star or pound to strike or keep,

lock my keypad, change my ringtone to mimic

a species on the endangered list, alter the phone’s wallpaper

to transport me from the stormy-toned forest

to the pixilated city where bad numbers

and prank calls, ID restricted, still trickle through,

because these are still human voices that wake us,

a great flood may kill my entire contact list,

and any second Noah might fling

a thousand phones from his deck, raven- and dove-

colored models he’d keep trying,

because this reboot of the world, like any other, still depends

on someone, anyone, surrendering an answer.

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